Gun control by stealth

The ATF backed off on banning bullets this week, but they will be back. In this week’s Blazecast Brian talks about why the ATF still needs to be watched, what laws need to be changed to stop them from bringing in backdoor gun control and what you can do about it. Also, the Clinton email scandal debunked, dealing with radical Islam by adopting a Cold War mentality and why does Glenn Beck make fun of Brian’s Canadian accent?

Progressives strike out at hunters

Near Parliament HIll, Canadian politicians work right next to some of the most beautiful, pristine countrysides in the country.

Yet some MPs on the “progressive” side of the House still sneer at rural pastimes like hunting, trapping and fishing. They don’t consider them important environmental issues.

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Trudeau’s speech was repugnant

In a speech Monday night, Justin Trudeau “said that those who disagree with him” on matters like immigration and multiculturalism are “bigots.”

Brian Lilley takes issue with a great deal of what Trudeau told the McGill Alumni Association, particularly, Trudeau’s bizarre comparison between anti-semitic immigration policies in Canada circa WW2, and the situation today.

How do you possibly compare asking women to show their faces during citizenship ceremonies to shipping Jewish refugees back to Europe and to almost certain death?

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Finally clear language on jihad

When it comes to dealing with Islamic jihadists we need to have clear language and clear thinking.

We’ve seen it with the attacks in Paris, Ottawa, Sydney. It’s the same ideology.

Refusing to call it Islamic is getting people killed.

When it comes to Islamism, we need to stand up for Western values of freedom and liberty and do it as resolutely as Reagan did in the Cold War.

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VIDEO: Zehaf-Bibeau’s video manifesto and news he may not have acted alone

The video released by the RCMP proves without any shadow of a doubt that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was a terrorist.

If he was captured, he would have been charged with terror-related offenses.

The most shocking piece of info from the press conference? He may not have acted alone.

The video proves that this was an act of terror and it’s only a matter of time until we see if those in denial admit they were wrong.

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