Integration not segregation – Brian rants on sharia swim, genocide and silly gun laws

A healthy society stands up for it’s values. Are we doing that by accepting sharia swims being imposed on Canadian kids? Brian rants on that plus speaks with The Menzoid about a crazy pool story from Toronto.
It has been two years since the genocide started against Yazidis and the world is standing by. Brian speaks to a lawyer and gun expert about the Mounties crazy new rule. And picking Supreme Court judges.
Guests include CPC MP Peter Kent, David Menzies, Solomon Friedman and Howard Anglin.

Sharia swimming anyone?

How do we integrate immigrants? Is it by bringing foreign cultures to Canada and forcing boys and girls to have segregate swim times? That is what is happening at the University of Regina summer camps. Brian talks about integration, the Supreme Court, Conservative Party leadership and how Instagram is taking on SnapChat in the social media wars.
Guests include John Robson, Richard Kurland, Sarah Mills and Stephen Taylor. Plus your calls.

The debate – give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses

There is no doubt that the Syrian refugee crisis is a huge problem but what Europe is dealing with is something completely different.
Most of those showing up are not refugees but economic migrants – much like my parents when they came to Canada. The difference is, when my parents came to Canada they didn’t receive welfare or any government assistance and were forbidden from seeking it.
Now “refugees” arrive in Europe, expect much, give little and refuse to integrate. Is that a good deal? Watch the Munk Debate with Simon Schama, Louise Arbour, Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage below.

Why Brad Wall wins

Brad Wall won handily in Saskatchewan on Monday night, returned to a third term as premier with more than 60% of the popular vote.

Brad preaches a free enterprise model while still leading a government that is far too heavily involved in the economy – see SaskTel. But he takes his people where they are at and tries to move them and the yardsticks in the right direction.

The people made the right decision last night and hopefully this is a beachhead for a return of free enterprise loving, right leaning governments at the provincial level across Canada.

Here is Wall’s victory speech.

A couple of years ago, Wall spoke to the Manning Networking Conference and won over some fans. This is why, give it a look.

ISIS, genocide and why can’t Trudeau’s Liberals say the word

The US and the EU have declared that ISIS is guilty of genocide, so why won’t Justin Trudeau’s Liberals? Brian explores what Trudeau and the gang are saying about genocide, religious persecution, religious freedom, refugees and how they all relate. Plus Simon Kent of Breitbart London on Brexit, Ray Heard on The Globe refusing to use the word terrorist and Brian let’s loose on the labour minister for being ignorant and incompetent. Oh, and that police board meeting on morale and other problems at the Ottawa Police service.

Why can’t The Globe say the T word?

So a man walks into an army recruiting centre, yells about Allah, that Allah made him do it and The Globe and Mail gets all weak at the knees that some, including the Liberal prime minister of Canada dared to connect this with terrorism.
Well the boys and girls down at The Globe editorial board can grow up or move aside because real Canadians are fed up with this PC BS.

Trudeau at the UN and why gun owners should not be pariahs

Justin Trudeau went to the UN and said that he wants Canada to be back but why is he not pushing for reform of an organization that gives too much time to rogues and dictators?
Gun owners are under attack again and not for doing anything wrong. I chat with Ottawa city councilor and CF vet Jody Mitic about the idea that legal guns owners are irresponsible.
That and is Olivia Wilde too old and haggard to play Leo DiCaprio’s wife in a movie.

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