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Watch Brian’s middle of the results analysis on the US election

Brian Lilley - Nov 08, 2016

All the talking heads have said that Hillary would wrap it up early. It didn't happen. Watch Brian's 10:30pm ET analysis of how…

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What does a Trump or Clinton win mean for Canada?

Brian Lilley - Nov 08, 2016

The campaign has literally been going on for nearly two years between the primaries and the general election, and the non-stop campaigning ahead…

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Watch as Brian reacts to the Trudeau one year anniversary infomercial

Brian Lilley - Nov 03, 2016

Justin Trudeau celebrated the one year anniversary of his November 4, 2015 swearing in a day early. At a government building across from…

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Queen’s Park explode over bribery charges related to Wynne and Brian reacts to what went down

Brian Lilley - Nov 02, 2016

The Ontario Progressive Conservatives pushed for answers on the Sudbury bribery by-election charges. Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals stonewalled even though Wynne's top…

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Ottawa Police did what on Halloween?

Brian Lilley - Nov 01, 2016

You won't believe what the Ottawa police service did on Halloween, they fell for one of the oldest hoaxes in Halloween lore and…

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What do the US polls really say?

Brian Lilley - Oct 28, 2016

You heard it here first, even before FBI Director James Comey announced that more than 650,000 emails related to Hillary Clinton were found…

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Integration not segregation – Brian rants on sharia swim, genocide and silly gun laws

Brian Lilley - Aug 04, 2016

A healthy society stands up for it's values. Are we doing that by accepting sharia swims being imposed on Canadian kids? Brian rants…

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Media bias for Hillary on FULL display

Brian Lilley - Aug 04, 2016

Watch as I show how much the volume of coverage of "Gold Star" families given by the media depends on which Presidential candidate…

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Sharia swimming anyone?

Brian Lilley - Aug 03, 2016

How do we integrate immigrants? Is it by bringing foreign cultures to Canada and forcing boys and girls to have segregate swim times?…

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Why Brad Wall wins

Brian Lilley - Apr 05, 2016

Brad Wall won handily in Saskatchewan on Monday night, returned to a third term as premier with more than 60% of the popular…

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ISIS, genocide and why can’t Trudeau’s Liberals say the word

Brian Lilley - Mar 22, 2016

The US and the EU have declared that ISIS is guilty of genocide, so why won't Justin Trudeau's Liberals? Brian explores what Trudeau…

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Why can’t The Globe say the T word?

Brian Lilley - Mar 22, 2016

So a man walks into an army recruiting centre, yells about Allah, that Allah made him do it and The Globe and Mail…

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Trudeau’s first budget, expect tax and spend

Brian Lilley - Mar 22, 2016

I've been covering budgets a long time, like till back when Paul Martin was federal finance minister and Barnard Landry was Quebec's finance…

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A must watch takedown of an anti-gun video

Brian Lilley - Mar 19, 2016

This video is a little long but it is well done, informative and destroys so many of the false arguments about guns and…

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Trudeau at the UN and why gun owners should not be pariahs

Brian Lilley - Mar 17, 2016

Justin Trudeau went to the UN and said that he wants Canada to be back but why is he not pushing for reform…

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Trudeau, the ultimate hypocrite

Brian Lilley - Mar 17, 2016

So what can we take away from this? Trudeau really, really believes in transparency or public disclosure if you are not one of…

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Trudeau views UN with rose coloured glasses

Brian Lilley - Mar 17, 2016

If we cannot quit the UN and PM Justin Trudeau wants us to be in it, shouldn't we at least try to reform…

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When jihadis strike, don’t lecture me on Islamophobia

Brian Lilley - Mar 16, 2016

The attacker walked in and stabbed two military personnel claiming Allah told him to, so why lecture the public on Islamophobia? You have…

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Free speech, Trump, Breitbart and the stabbing of Canadian Forces members

Brian Lilley - Mar 15, 2016

I open talking about Donald Trump, attacks on free speech, thugs shutting down his rally and attempts to silence the pro-life movement and…

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So what is the truth about carbon and the need for a carbon price?

Brian Lilley - Mar 12, 2016

We keep being told to listen to scientists when it comes to global warming. Well I do and then when I point out…

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A trip to the range, down memory lane

Brian Lilley - Mar 11, 2016

Back in the fall of 2014 I got to spend a day at the range with a great bunch of guys from the…