Get tough on criminals say Liberals, you know those that won’t fill out the census

Globe front pageOn Friday we are expecting the Harper government to unveil new legislation aimed at putting violent, repeat offenders behind bars for longer periods of time. The NDP and Liberal opposition parties have already said they don’t support the bill. In fact MPs from both parties came out earlier this week comparing a life sentence, where life in jail means life in jail, to a death sentence.

Apparently in never dawned on these fine gents that waking up in a jail cell every day is vastly different than never waking up because you are in a coffin six feet under.

But don’t worry, just because the NDP and Liberals don’t want to get tough on murderers doesn’t mean they don’t want to get tough on crime. On Thursday MPs debated bringing back the mandatory long-form census.

Liberal MP Ted Hsu from the Kingston area is behind Bill C-562.

The Globe and Mail ran a sympathetic front page article today. The Star, The Hamilton Spectator, Huffington Post and more have all backed the return of the mandatory long form census which used to threaten people with jail for not detailing private information on a government form. Private firms are barred from collecting data from willing participants online and that has strong progressive support but fail to tell the census people about kitchen renovations and you could go to jail.

The bill put forward by Hsu doesn’t call for jail time but does call for $500 fines forĀ “for every refusal or neglect, or false answer or deception.”

I wish Liberals cared as much about dealing with real criminals as they did about shoving themselves into my private life.

I’ve spoken to people who deal in statistics for a living, people like Darrell Bricker, CEO of Global Public Affairs for IPSOS, and he says the change from mandatory to voluntary does not kill the data. Bricker chastised those claiming otherwise when he appeared before committee years ago.

The simple fact is progressives want to be able to fine you, or jail you, for not adhering to their wishes. Not for real crimes, just for having a mind of your own.

Liberal logic in my mailbox

I do love hearing from viewers, readers and listeners. Feedback of the good and bad kind is always welcome. Some of it though leaves me scratching my head, or laughing.
Which brings me to Dave Savoie’s email today, I believe in response to my column on Justin Trudeau and his disdain for the military. You can read the column here or watch the TV version below.
Here is Mr. Savoie’s response.


So to Dave Savoie, if you can’t say anything nice about Trudeau, you shouldn’t say anything at all. Most of us heard words like this from our mothers or teachers. I can’t vouch for Mr. Savoie’s mother but mine never said, “If you can’t say thing nice, don’t say anything you a-hole.”

But maybe that is just me.

I think there is a certain Trudeaupean logic to this email. I mean, it makes no sense to me, but I’m sure if you are a Liberal it is perfectly clear.

Speaking of Trudeau logic, remember, the Liberal leader thinks our troops are no match for ISIS.

Justin Trudeau draws a blank

Such a simple question and his long pause is so very telling.
Let me help out young (and I mean middle-aged) Justin. Possible responses could have been, “I’ll go check out my old bedroom at 24 Sussex.” He could have said he would take a swim in the pool his father had built at taxpayer expense at 24 Sussex. He could have railed against all the Harper policies he hates that he will start repealing.

He didn’t. He drew a blank.

Trudeau did eventually answer but it was a very lame answer about starting to meet with premiers and municipal leaders to build relationships. Let that sink in. His first day in charge of everything that the federal government is responsible for from foreign policy, trade, the military, drug regulation, banking – pick an area of responsibility – and he wants to go meet with provincial and municipal leaders to discuss their issues. I guess the federal government must be run pretty well then.

Trudeau really isn’t up to the job. Need more proof? Check here.
UPDATE: Want to see the full interview? It is posted here, his long pause is at about the 8:20 mark.

Castle laws are being ignored

Canada does have castle laws, our self-defence laws were updated as I explain in my column here.
That doesn’t mean those laws are being respected and followed. Canada’s police and prosecutors are notorious for deciding that average Canadians should not be able to defend themselves.
I’ve been following the story of Michael Woodard since it broke in December. People have suggested he may have done this or that but he is only charged with firearms offences that relate to him defending himself from attackers. Below are the video segments I’ve done on this story over the last week in order. Read more

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