Trudeau’s Liberals should be cautious about Bill Blair’s record

No one can be surprised that Toronto’s former police chief has declared himself to be a Liberal Party candidate.

Even though he was the city’s top cop, he was openly pro-legalization of marijuana, and that’s Justin Trudeau’s number one issue. Blair also believes “the long gun registry has saved lives.” Except the number of shootings in Toronto dropped after the registry was repealed.

What else should we be concerned about now that Bill Blair is joining Team Trudeau? Even Liberals should be worried about having him on their side.

Warmington, Kelly & Gairdner in The Brian Lilley Podcast

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have recruited former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair so I talk to a man that knows him well, Toronto Sun columnist Joe Warmington.
Speaking of Trudeau, he doesn’t like the small business tax cut. I speak to Dan Kelly of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to get the low down.
And William Gairdner’s new book is all about The Great Divide between liberals and conservatives. Bill joins me for a great chat.

Ezra talks fracking with a Texas rancher

Ezra Levant reports for

Cattle rancher Mike Davidson of Big Spring, Texas talked to Ezra about branching out by permitting drilling and fracking on his property.

Davidson says he loves the land and wouldn’t have allowed fracking on his family’s ranch if he believed it would harm the environment. Fracking has been a boon to the economy for the whole region.

READ Ezra Levant’s bestselling books debunking environmentalist propaganda against the energy industry:

Groundswell: The Case for Fracking

BLPC – Kinsella on Trudeau missing the mark on middle class

Warren Kinsella, the dark prince of Canadian politics joins me to explain why Justin Trudeau doesn’t sell well when he talks about the middle class. We also break down the coming election. Marissa Semkiw explains that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s war on the wage gap isn’t supported by her own facts and figures. Finally, lefty economist David Macdonald explains why progressives don’t like all the tax cuts in the budget.

Trudeau flip flops on small business tax cut, kind of

Justin Trudeau is at it again, confusing everyone, himself included, on his economic plan.

After coming out against the government’s proposed small business tax cut, Trudeau said he supported it….kind of.

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Be honest if you want to drop the prayer in the Commons

Three party leaders have decided that the prayer said in the House of Commons has to go.

This is in the wake of the Supreme Court decision that ruled city council meetings cannot start with a prayer.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May wants the prayer changed to take out the word God. Well at that point why have the prayer at all.

READ Brian Lilley’s book CBC Exposed — it’s been called “the political book of the year”

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